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Natural Energy Boosting Snacks

So we as a whole have days where we’re somewhat drained either because of absence of rest, a disease, or stress. It’s totally typical to have nowadays now and again (and perhaps more!), yet there are some great nourishments to have amid nowadays that will lift you up a bit without you swinging to a jar of Redbull. Here are my main five vitality boosting snacks:

Measure of Bananas and Apples

Sounds plain, yet it’s solid, scrumptious, and an awesome lift me up! The banana has a huge amount of potassium and the apple is stuffed brimming with Vitamin C. Truly, you can have any natural product! They are “great” carbs and all organic products are pressed brimming with supplements and minerals. I normally take 1 banana and 1 apple, cut it up, toss it into a bowl, and appreciate a decent small scale natural product plate of mixed greens.

Greek Yogurt and Bran

So I attempted Greek yogurt interestingly a couple of weeks prior in the wake of listening to all the medical advantages it offers, and I’m letting you know I can’t get enough of it! It’s so heavenly! I like it much superior to normal yogurt since it’s decent and thick, rich, and pressed brimming with protein! I typically get the Plain 0% MG Greek yogurt as it just contains 120 calorie counter for each ¾ glass. I put that ¾ Greek yogurt into a bowl and put about ¼ – ½ measure of wheat (you can utilize another sound grain), and wallah! You have a flavorful yogurt parfait!

Nut Mixture

So this is my BIGGEST weakness! I absolutely love a nice mixture of unsalted nuts, and the problem is I have a hard time stopping myself after I have that ¼ cup of nuts! I usually go to my local health food store and get the unsalted nut mixture of almond, cashews, pistachios, and seeds. These nuts are great in moderation as they are packed full of healthy fats that our bodies need and they also contain Vitamin E and omega-3.

Hummus & Whole Wheat Pita

It took me a while to really like hummus as the texture would always gross me out, but this spread is packed full of protein which is great for helping to build up your muscle mass. Pair it with 1-2 mini (6 inches) whole-wheat pitas and you’ve got a great little energy-boosting snack!

Berries Mixture

We all know how unbelievably healthy blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries can be so I love to mix them together for a little mini fruit salad! Blueberries should be your main berry in it as they promote brain function, are major energy boosters, and contain antioxidants.