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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Lemon Benefits that You Should Know

The advantages of lemon are various! Lemons are little yellow, oval-molded, organic product developed on the evergreen tree, Citrus limonium. They are low in calories and rich in supplements. They have the advantages of vitamins B, high measures of vitamin C, citrus extract, starches, dietary fiber and a little measure of protein. Lemon mash, peel and squeeze are utilized as a part of a numerous ways. Lemons are antibacterial, against viral and germicide. They have cancer prevention agents benefits! Enhance wellbeing, all around, with lemons!


  • Astringent ( tighten skin )
  • Brighten Skin
  • Cleanse
  • Clear Acne and Get Rid of Blackheads
  • Exfoliate
  • Disinfect
  • Fade Dark Spots, Discolorations, Freckles and Scars
  • Lighten Skin
  • Soothe Sunburns


1) Mix 1 mashed banana with a 3 drops of diluted lemon juice. Helps clear and smooth skin.

2) Mix 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 drop of sweet almond oil and 3 drops of diluted lemon juice for a homemade facial mask. Apply mixture to face, let stand for 15 – 20 minutes then rinse with water. Gently dry with towel. This helps reduce visible signs of pre-mature aging.

3) Drink water with lemon everyday. The benefits of drinking water with lemons can provide an natural, healthy, glow to skin. It purges toxins from blood and purifies skin. If you are looking for ways of how to clear acne, how to detox or how to improve skin tone, this is a super easy way to start!

The Mayo Clinic suggests the 8 x 8 Rule. This rule suggests drinking eight glasses of water, of eight ounce size, everyday. Warm water reduces the size of pores and helps get rid of blackheads. Water replenishes skin tissue, moisturizes, increases elasticity and improves blood circulation. Acne may seem to be getting worse, at first, because water or lemon water is flushing toxins out of the body. Clearing acne can be stressful, but do not worry, this acne condition is only temporary. Acne break outs will less likely occur once the toxins have been purged from the body.

Lemon water helps balance the natural pH level of skin. It exfoliates dead skin cells. It has antioxidants benefits! It neutralizes free radicals that damage skin. Dark spots, discolorations, fine lines, scars, and wrinkles can all begin to fade. Drinking lemon water helps provide a natural, glowing, appearance! There are many benefits of lemon water for skin!

There are benefits of lemon juice, but it is mildly acidic. This antioxidant juice may sting, temporarily, when applied to skin. You may want to dilute lemon juice, with water, before applying to skin. Apply a small amount to skin, gently, with a soft cotton ball. This helps prevent blackheads, reduce fine lines or wrinkles, lighten dark patches and fade scars.

Lemon essential oil is found in commercial and homemade beauty products. It has a balance of astringent and moisturizing properties. It helps rid of blackheads, reduces cellulite, helps get rid of dandruff and can improve scalp conditions. It is, especially, used in commercial and homemade shampoo for oily hair. Find it in scrubs, soaps, lotions, creams, lip balms and more!

Lemon essential oil can cause photosensitivity. Skin can burn and damage easier when exposed to any ultraviolet light, including sunlight. It can be safe to use, with simple precautions. For example, take a bath with lemon oil at night to avoid daylight hours.


  • Aid Digestion ( relieve constipation )
  • Aromatherapy Benefits ( uplifting, anti-depressant )
  • Boost Immune System
  • Cleanse Liver
  • Deodorize
  • Detox Your Body
  • Fight Infections ( urinary tract, insect bites, )
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Lower Risk of Cancer ( colon, prostate, breast )
  • Prevent Common Cold
  • Raise HDL ( good cholesterol )
  • Relieve Asthma
  • Relieve Gingivitis ( freshen breath, relieve tooth pain )
  • Relieve Nausea
  • Relieve Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Promote Heart Health
  • Weight Reduction ( fight hunger cravings )

Maintain Your Water in Your Body

Lack of hydration means your body does not have as much water and liquids as it ought to regularly have.

Lack of hydration could be mellow, direct, or serious in view of the amount of the body’s liquid is lost or not supplanted. When it is extreme, drying out is a condition of life-undermining emergency.Water is an essential component of the body, and sufficient hydration is an unquestionable requirement to permit the body to work. Up to 75% of the body’s weight is comprised of water. The greater part of the water is found inside the cells of the body. The rest is found in the extracellular space, which comprises of the veins and the spaces between cells.

# We lose water routinely when we :

— breathe and humidified air leaves the body

—  sweat to cool the body

— Urinate or have a bowel movement.

Normally, a person has to drink a substantial amount of water to replace this routine loss.

The formula for daily fluid requirements depends upon an individual’s weight.

# Causes

Dehydration occurs because water loss is greater than water intake, or most often a combination of the two.

— Diarrhea : diarrhea is the most common reason for a person as water outflows in excess quantity. A significant amount of water is lost with each bowel movement.

— Vomiting : vomiting is also a cause of fluid loss.

— Sweat : The body can lose significant amounts of water when it tries to cool itself by sweating during summers. Whether the body is hot because of the environment, intense exercising in a hot environment, or because of fever; the body uses water in the form of sweat to keep it cool.

— Diabetes : the elevated blood sugar levels cause sugar to spill into the urine and water then follows, which may cause substantial dehydration. For this reason, excessive urination and thirst are among the early symptoms of diabetes.

— Burns : The skin acts as a protective barrier for the body and is also responsible for regulating fluid loss. Burn victims become dehydrated because the damaged skin is unable to prevent fluid from seeping out of the body.

— Inability to drink fluids : The inability to drink adequately is the other possible cause of dehydration. Whether it is the lack of water availability, intense nausea with or without vomiting, or inability to drink, this, coupled with routine or extraordinary water losses can trigger dehydration.

Dehydration takes place when the amount of water leaving the body is greater than the amount being taken in.

As the level of water loss increases, more symptoms can become prominent. The following are signs and symptoms of dehydration.

— Dry mouth;

— Eyes not making tears;

— Sweating may stop;

— Muscle cramps;

— Nausea and vomiting;

— Heart rate abnormalities;

— Lightheadedness, especially while standing;

— Weakness;

— Decreased urine output.

These are the symptoms that one may notice and ensure whether a person has become a victim of dehydration. Maintain the intake of required amount of water and fluids to avert the risk of dehydration.

Improve Weak Bones using Osteopro

Bones are a critical part of the body. They require the appropriate measure of supplements, particularly calcium that fundamentally adds to their development and advancement. Youthful kids and young people need to keep their calcium admission normal and satisfactory in light of the fact that this is the time when bones truly develop. On the off chance that the bones don’t get the essential calcium consumption at this phase in life, it could fundamentally harm their wellbeing in the later years, bringing about crumbling bone wellbeing. As an aftereffect of this, the bones then turn out to be to a great degree powerless and delicate and represent an expanded propensity to try and break, bringing on serious torment and to a great degree trouble in development. Osteoporosis is one of the numerous agonizing conditions that can be created as an aftereffect of poor bone wellbeing, consequently dietary supplements.

Pitfalls of feeble bones

So what happens to individuals, because of an absence of mindfulness or inappropriate eating routine, don’t get the adequate measure of calcium and have ‘difficult bones’? Due to loss of bone thickness and debilitating of bone tissue, development turns out to be exceptionally troublesome. A stooped back is presumably a standout amongst the most widely recognized consequences of the condition. While it isn’t lethal condition, the probability of expanded cracks could influence death rates too. Hip cracks and rib breaks are likewise a to a great degree regular consequence of this bone condition. Once analyzed, it is to a great degree hard to cure the malady, however drug can assuage the torment. Likewise discuss the neck and shoulder torments among the corporate experts

How right nutritional supplements can help

Nutritional supplements can solve every condition possible. Even doctors reiterate consumption of nutritional supplements in order to atone for the essential nutrients lacking in the body. There is wide range of supplements for a variety of groups. These nutritional agents are committed to bettering the lives of people. From nutritional supplements for children and pregnant women, and diabetics, the pharmaceutical sector now has a range of supplements for those with poor bone health.

Certain natural and nutritional supplements are an extremely effective for those with significant bone problems. While the supplement doesn’t compensate for the existing loss of calcium in the bones, it ensures that the bones are no longer deprived of essential nutrients and provides them with enough for them to become stronger. These supplements are formulated using latest technology and have been designed specifically for those with bone problems. These supplements reduce joint inflammation considerably, thereby reducing pain. It also provides considerable support to the joints. Thus, in doing so, it improves the overall health of the bones and allows for more flexibility, thereby supporting greater movement and agility. These supplement are rich in Calcium and Vitamin D, the two most important nutrients required for bone growth and development, ultimately leading to a good bone density and strength.

Hexagon’s Osteo Pro has exceptional remedial value, because you don’t need to take these supplements like capsules or tablets as suggested in a prescription. You can simply incorporate them in your diet. You will gradually start feeling the difference. Osteo Pro is sucralose based; therefore it can also be used by individuals with diabetes without much problem.

The important thing to remember is to ensure that your bones receive adequate nutrients for steady growth and development. Natural intakes of calcium and Vitamin D are always encouraged but if at a later point in time, they don’t reflect well for your bones, nutritional supplements always are a solution for you!